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Stem Thermometer Calibration
How to calibrate a stem thermometer using the ICE POINT METHOD from the Indiana State Dept of Health

Slaughter Avalability To Small Livestock And Poultry Producers
Published by USDA- Identifies areas in the U.S. with relatively high densities of small livestock and poultry producers, but without a nearby slaughter facility

US Standards For Grades Of Carcass Beef
Published by USDA- Discusses carcass grading and yield grades of beef.

Hot Smoking Time And Temperature Cooking Chart
Approximate times and temperatures for hot smoke cooking common cuts of beef, pork, and poultry.

Instructions For Making Salami
Instructions for making salami using Leggs Old Plantation Salami Seasoning

Fibrous Casing Size Spec Chart
A guide to fibrous sausage casings sizes, circumferences, and stuffing diameters in millimeters and inches

Meat Marketing Terms
A guide to common meat marketing terms and their definitions

Disposable Glove Chemical Resistance Chart
A guide to the chemical resistance properties of latex, nitrile, and vinyl disposable gloves

Band Saw Blade Size Chart
A cross reference to band saw make, model, and blade size. Includes store links to in stock band saw blades

Grinder Plate Hole Size Conversion Chart
A guide to approximate inch-to-metric grinder plate hole size conversions

Angus Beef Retail Cuts Chart
Chart showing primal and retail cuts of beef. From The American Angus Association.

Aging Beef
A fact sheet about dry and wet aging of beef. From The National Cattleman's Association

Field Dressing Deer
Some do's and dont's about field dressing deer. From The Indiana State Board Of Animal Health

Wild Game Processing
Proper processing of wild game and fish. From Penn State

Dry Curing Virginia Style Ham
How to dry cure Virginia Style hams. Includes some recipes. From The Virginia Extension Service

How To Load The Bag Taper
Loading the ground meat bag taping machine is quick and easy

Butcher Boy B-16
Butcher Boy B-16 meat cutting band saw parts catalog

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