Unlabeled Bags

White Unprinted Freezer Chub Bags

Great For Freezing Home Made Dog Food

Available in 1 and 2 Pound Chub Sizes

2 Mil White Opaque Poly Bags Keep Air And Light Out

Prevent Freezer Burn, Save Space

1 Pound bags measure 4-1/4" X 10-1/2" flat size
2 pound bags measure 4-1/4" X 13-1/2" flat size

Mark bags with any permenant marker. Bags are made with a 1 inch bottom gusset for added burst protection.
Rated at 1 and 2 pound capacities but will easily hold a little more.
Seal chub bags with tape, twist tie, small zip tie, hog ring, or staple.

Sold in 100 Count Bundles or 1000 Count Case Quantities.
Our Quality 2mil Poly Chub Bags Are Also Available In The Following Styles:
Ground Beef Bags
Pork Sausage
Wild Game
Wild Game Camo Print
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