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Southern Indiana Butcher Supply - Ferdinand

Southern Indiana Butcher Supply - Ferdinand

PS Seasoning Phosphate 1 LB (414)

SKU: 400005401
Food Grade Phosphate 1 LB
Used to hold moisture in your sausage and for meat emulsions. Use for all sausages such as wiener, Polish and all high moisture sausages.
Price: $6.54

PS Seasoning Pro-Con Plus Soy Protein Concentrate 1 LB

SKU: 400005402
PS Seasoning Pro-Con Plus Soy Protein Concentrate 1 LB
Soy protein concentrate is used in meat and poultry products to increase water and fat retention.
Price: $10.08

Kosmos Q Moisture Magic Injection 1 LB

SKU: 400006212
Kosmos Moisture Magic Injection
This injection can be used in literally any protein worth grilling to hold in the natural juices and protect your food from the dreaded demon known as dryness.
Price: $14.25

Tailgaters Beer Mustard Garlic 15oz

SKU: 400011307
Tailgater Garlic Beer Mustard
From a recipe handed down over generations, this sweet and spicy beer mustard was specially developed to enhance the flavor of all foods, including: Pork, Beef, Chicken, Vegetables and Eggs.
Price: $5.25

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