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F Dick

F. Dick is a leading brand worldwide in professional areas due to the highest quality and the optimal use in accordance with ergonomic requirements and has been a manufacturer of high quality products in the following areas since 1778:

The Ergogrip Line Of Knives

Ergogrip butcher and boning knives are made for professional meat cutters, butchers, and food service personnel. Ergonomically designed for easy, fatigue free use Ergogrip knives offer no compromise when it comes to function and safety. The handles are designed with an extra wide thumb rest and provide superior slip resistance.

Superior quality construction including the durable high carbon polished stainless steel blade which is designed for superior edge retention and sharpening. The handle material is resistant to deterioration and there is no seperation of blade and handle

Ergogrip knives are made In Germany By F. Dick Corporation and are NSF and GS Approved.

The Sterigrip Line Of Knives

Permanant, durable antibacterial protection is the advantage of the Sterigrip knife. The SteriGrip knife series is the result of an intensive exchange of information between research and practice. Friedr. Dick uses trendsetting technology for the highest hygiene and strived-for EU standards.

These knives are equipped with an antibacterial active ingredient in the knife handle that offers natural and faultless hygenic protection. As opposed to germ-killing chemical substances (e.g. triclosan), this active ingredient works in a natural way. Precious metals provide safe protection and only work where desired and they are food-safe. This effective prophylaxis guarantees additional safety in the production chain and at the work place by inhibiting bacteria or their breeding on the knife handle leading to the bacterial cultures dying off preventing cross-contamination and re-infection via the hand. The permanent, durable protection is integrated in the knife handle during production.

High Quality Knife Alloy

Ergonomic Handle Design

NSF and FDA Tested and Approved

F. Dick Sausage Stuffers

F Dick sausage stuffers are made in Germany and are the highest quality machine of this type available in the world. They can be used to stuff all types of sausage using virtually any type of sausage casing. These stuffers feature a stainless steel gearbox, stainless support rods, cylinder and base. The air exhaust valve in the top of the piston allows trapped air inside the cylinder to escape. The cylinder removes for easy filling of product. The nylon piston screws off for easy cleaning. F Dick commercial model sausage stuffers are available in 18, 24, and 30 pound capacities. They are safe, easy to use, and are USDA accepted. Includes four sausage filling tubes: 12mm (3/8"), 18mm (1/2"), 22mm (3/4"), and 30mm (1").

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