2014 Dubois County Suds Club 7th Annual Homebrew Contest

August 2, 2014 at Snap's in Jasper

The public is invited to enter the contest

The contest will be judged live by a panel of beer connoisseurs.

Brewers can enter their beers in seven categories this year - light, amber, hoppy, dark, wheat, imperial and specialty beer. Use the BJCP guidelines for guidance when entering (the full list can be found at www.bjcp.org/2008styles/catdex.php).

Examples of light beers are light ales and lagers (BJCP categories 1, 2, 6a-c, 7b). Amber beers range from Oktoberfests to nut brown ales and Irish reds (3, 4, 5a-c, 7a, 7c, 9, 10b-c, 11). Any beer that showcases hops should be entered in the hoppy category (8, 10a, 14). The wheat category is reserved for any beer containing wheat or rye (6d, 15). Examples of dark beers are stouts and porters (12, 13, 19). An imperial beer would be any beer over 8% ABV. Examples of specialty beers would be sour beers, Belgian beers, fruit beers, beers with spices or oak-aged beers (16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23).

Brewers may enter the same beer in multiple categories if desired.

Prizes will be given for first, second and third place in each of the categories (full list at bottom).

A special "Best of Show" award will be given to the judge's favorite beer of the day, chosen from the seven first place winners.

Two 12 oz. bottles or a 22 oz. bottle or larger is required to enter. The bottles should be unmarked if possible.

The cost to enter is $5 per entry. Entry form is located below or can be downloaded from www.jasperstrassenfest.org/events/Saturday.

Entries should be dropped off between 10:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. on the day of the contest at Snaps Cafe in Jasper.

Please bring exact change if possible.

Checks can be written to the Dubois Co. Suds Club. Arrangements to submit bottles early can be made by calling 309-8435 or sending an email to waynep@coopsone.com.

Proceeds Benefit: Dubois County Suds Club
Contact: Wayne Patmore waynep@coopsone.com or 812-309-8435


2014 Strassenfest Homebrew Contest prizes

Best of Show:
- Basket Case Brewing Company will be brew winning beer
- The Mill House $25
- Cellar on the Square 50# Bag of two-row

Light (Carsons Brewing Company) 1st $25.00
2nd $15.00
3rd $10.00

Amber (Super Ag)
1st $25.00
2nd $15.00
3rd $10.00

Hoppy (Gambrinus Libation Emporium)
1st $25.00
2nd $15.00
3rd $10.00

Dark (Southern Indiana Butcher, Brewer, & BBQ Supply)
1st $25.00
2nd $15.00
3rd $10.00

Wheat (Tin Man Brewing Company)
1st $25.00
2nd $15.00
3rd $10.00

1st $25.00 (Snaps)
2nd $15.00 (My Old Kentucky Brew Home)
3rd $10.00 (My Old Kentucky Brew Home)

1st $25.00 (Schnitzelbank)
2nd $15.00 (Webb Equipment)
3rd $10.00 (Webb Equipment)

Dubois County Suds Club Homebrew Contest Entry Form

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