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Leggs Peppered Jerky Seasoning Blend #133- 12 Pack

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Purchase Leggs Peppered Jerky Seasoning Blend #133- 12 Pack

Old Plantation Peppered Jerky Seasoning

Peppery Flavored Jerky Seasoning

Blend #133

Each Bag Seasons 25 Pounds Of Meat

Use For Beef, Venison, Turkey

Make Whole Muscle or Restructured Product

Leggs Old Plantation blend #133 is an excellent blend of spices that enhances the natural flavor of the meat with an added kick of extra pepper. One bag of seasoning will flavor 25 pounds of raw jerky meat.  Suggested directions for use printed on the label. Can be used in a vacuum tumble, as a soak, marinade, or a dry rub.

Package does not include the sodium nitrite cure.

All natural spices and spice extractives. Contains no MSG, wheat or dairy products. Contains potential allergens: SOY

Purchase Leggs Peppered Jerky Seasoning Blend #133- 12 Pack

  • Item: 4010-2133

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